Goodhart Sons Inc. Announces the formation of safety Committee

Goodhart sons, Inc., a steel turning and installer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. announced the formation of a Committee on internal security will be. The Committee is the implementation of a policy for health and safety, which clearly illustrates the approach to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

The Committee is composed of representatives from different areas within the company, which meets on a regular basis to the management of safety and health concerns. You are to evaluate the risk of accidents at work and recommendations for accident prevention and safety program activities. Safety Committee also sets and promotes programs to improve staff training and education.

Goodhart sons, Inc. is a full service steel fabricator Installer PA located in Lancaster,. with more than 175,000 square meters of production area. They are VIII, Division I-card in the possession of their R, S and U stamps ASME section as well as a member of AISC certified and are up to the challenge, your project with the highest quality, on time and within budget to complete.

Goodhart sons, Inc. has also proven, boom, welders, Pipefitters, electricians and insulators, the travel of the country as well as abroad, the projects to install, to fabricate the and many types of OEM equipment and production lines. Goodhart sons, Inc. has the experience to know and the resources to plan and execute complex shut-downs.

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